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  • 8315 Cantrell Road, Ste 240
    Little Rock, AR 72227-6020

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  • 2911 Turtle Creek Blvd, Ste 1200
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TCM Insights

At TCM, we believe that an educated client is a satisfied client. To uphold this belief, we communicate weekly through our TCM Insights piece. Our purpose is to provide information about the market and provide helpful tips. We also send out additional commentaries when unusual market events occur. We consistently use simple, concise language to convey our messages as a means for our clients to clearly navigate and understand the information.

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David has a passion for people and for investments. But more importantly, he has a passion for making investments work for people! Here you will find a little more information about who David is, what he believes in, and why he does what he does!

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David Trent, founder of Trent Capital Management, believes that wisdom comes from continually seeking to learn and grow through relationships and reading, which leads to personal development. In an effort to inspire learning in others, David Trent sends out weekly Wisdom Sessions. He recommends purchasing and reading any book source used in these Wisdom Sessions.

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